Sam Altman Net Worth 2018 - Biography, Salary & Income

- August 05, 2018
Samuel H. Altman, also known as “Sam Altman”, was born April 22, 1985, and is a well-known programmer, and blogger. He's from St. Louis, Missouri. He grew up in a Jewish family. For girls who are looking for a prospective husband, you're out of luck, he's gay. 
Sam Altman Net Worth 2018


Sam is a college dropout, but that didn't stop him from succeeding in life and eventually getting an honorary degree in 2017, from the University of Waterloo. 
His first venture into solo business was Loopt, a mobile application for social networking. He was its co-founder and CEO. Loopt was sold to Green Dot Corporation for over $43 million. 
In 2011 he became a partner at Y Combinator, and in 2014 was named its president. Y Combinator is a seed accelerator and had invested in Dropbox, Reddit, Coinbase, Stripe, Airbnb, Instacart, Twitch, Optimizely, DoorDash, Heroku, Weebly, and more. His goal and the goal of Y Combinator is to fund 1000 companies a year. In 2015 YC Research was announced, and so far it has announced research on education, computing, and building new cities. Another achievement of his in 2015 is making it to the Forbes' list of top investors under 30.
He's an angel investor, or a seed investor, an individual that finances business start-ups in exchange for ownership equity. He invested in companies such as Pinterest, Airbnb, Optimizely, Reddit, Instacart, Vicarious, Notable PDF, and others.
We mention Reddit a lot. After its CEO Yishan Wong resigned in 2014, Sam became its CEO, although only for eight days. 
He's an advocate for nuclear energy and thinks that's the future of technology. He is a chairman of two companies dealing with nuclear energy, Helion, and Oklo. Helion is developing The Fusion Engine, fusion power technology that combines magnetic containment with heating puls inertial fusion. This might indeed be the future of our technology.
Altman was a co-chairman of OpenAI, a nonprofit organization that researches artificial intelligence. Their goal is to promote AI in a way that would benefit humanity. Their motivation is partially the concern for the existence of human beings in case AI gets developed. The company was formed in 2015, by Musk, Altman, and other investors, and had over $1 billion invested in it at the time.

Teaching and writing

Sam Altman taught a class called “How to Start a Startup” at Stanford University in fall 2014. He had various guest lecturers, including Peter Thiel, with $2.6 billion net worth, Paul Graham, described as “hacker philosopher”, Marc Andreessen, co-founder of Andreessen Horowitz, and more. Currently, he teaches YC Startup School. This is a ten-week course featuring various prominent guests.

Net worth

Sam Altman has personally invested in various companies, like Pinterest, Optimizely, Clever, and more. His estimated net worth in 2018 is around $200 million, but the market values of the companies he invested in are in billions, Airbnb and Dropbox being more than $10 billion. At 33 years, he is considered one of the richest entrepreneurs in the world.